Abstract / 大綱


Cloud computing is an internet-based computing that users can access cloud resources (CPU, memory, network, storage, applications/services, and data, etc.) on demand. This course aims at studying principles, mechanisms, and architecture involved in cloud computing environments. The close relationships and associated issues among cloud computing, bid data, IoT (internet of things), SDN (software defined networks), and NFV (network function virtualization) will be discussed. Combining cloud computing and big data will bring rapid development of AI (artificial intelligence) and further make clouds more intelligent. This course emphasizes both theory and practice of cloud computing. By four hands-on experiments (homework), students have the opportunity to gain practical experience of cloud computing and benefit from deep understanding of cloud computing techniques. 

Course Materials / 參考教材

1"Cloud Computing for Machine Learning and Cognitive Apptrcations, Kai Hwang, The MIT Press, 2017.
2"Big-Data Analytics for Cloud, IoT, Cognitive Computing, Kai Hwang and Min Chen, Wiley, 2017.
3Selected IEEE/ACM journal/conference papers.

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Cloud Computing